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Wooden Nickel Program

clearHow wonderful it would be if every one of our patients had their braces and treatment completed on time! Everyone would be happy: patients, parents and the doctors. Everyone’s smile should look the nicest possible, with no spots on the teeth when the braces are removed. This can generally happen if our patients:

  1. Don't miss appointments!
  2. Are not late for appointments!
  3. Clean their teeth adequately!
  4. Avoid things that damage or break the braces!
  5. Do everything that is asked of them when wearing elastics, headgear and removable appliances!

We have developed an “INCENTIVE PLAN” for our patients under 18 years of age to try to achieve our goals of everyone having their braces off on time with no spots on their teeth. At every appointment, patients will have the opportunity to be rewarded with wooden nickels. Patients with braces can receive a maximum of 4 wooden nickels per appointment. Wooden nickels are earned during the first 30 months of active treatment and are given no more than once per month. Every game or sporting event has rules. Here are the rules for our WOODEN NICKEL program.


  1. You kept your last appointment.
  2. You arrived on time for your current appointment.
  3. Your toothbrushing and oral hygiene are graded good or better.
  4. You have no lost, broken or loose braces, wires of other appliances.


  1. You missed your last appointment.
  2. You arrived later than 10 minutes from your scheduled appointment time.
  3. You have a loose bracket at your regularly scheduled appointment.
  4. Your appointment today is to repair or replace damaged, lost or broken braces or other appliances.
  5. The appointment you are here for today is not your regularly scheduled appointment.
  6. Your oral hygiene is graded as fair or poor.

You will lose one (1) earned wooden nickel if you forgot your headgear or removable appliance. A missed appointment is one you did not keep and was not cancelled 24-hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

Wooden Nickel Prizes

Patients should save their wooden nickels. When they have collected enough wooden nickels, they can be redeemed for prizes at our office. The list of prizes includes*:

  1. 10 Wooden Nickels - $3 McDonald’s gift certificate
  2. 30 Wooden Nickels - 2 Movie Theatre Passes
  3. 45 Wooden Nickels - $25 Best Buy, iTunes, Macy's or Barnes & Noble gift certificate
  4. 70 Wooden Nickels - $50 Best Buy, iTunes, Macy's or Barnes & Noble gift certificate

*Rules and prizes are subject to change.


Oral Hygiene and Tooth Brushing Guidelines

Superior The teeth brackets and bands present a brilliant shine to them and are free from plaque or food debris. The soft tissue gums are pink in color and look healthy.

Good The teeth, brackets and bands present a shine and have a few small areas of plaque or food debris. The soft tissue gums are generally a pink color but with some swelling.

Fair The teeth, brackets and bands present a dull appearance and have three or more areas of plaque or food debris. The soft gums have a red tone to them and are somewhat inflamed and swollen. You may be entering the danger zone.

Poor You have entered the danger zone! The teeth, brackets and bands present a very dull appearance and have many areas of plaque and food debris. The soft tissue gums are red and inflamed and swollen and are not healthy.

As a token of our appreciation for a new patient referred to our office, 20 wooden nickels will be awarded at the time of the new patient’s first banding appointment (the new patient must specifically list the individual or family on the referral portion of their health history questionnaire).

We expect to have fun with this and hope it encourages our patients to give the necessary effort and cooperation necessary for them to have their braces removed on time!

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