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Find The Orthodontic Treatment That Is Right For You!

At Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics, we pride ourselves in being able to provide our patients with a variety of dental care treatments. Whether you’re searching for orthodontic treatments such as adult braces or (Invisalign-alternative) ClearCorrect in the Arlington Heights or Deerfield-area, our doctors are not only certified to bring you the best in medical and dental care, they will do so with a smile.

Our mission is to help you achieve the smile that you’ve always wanted by guiding you down a customized path that will ensure better oral health and overall dental aesthetic. We promise to listen to your concerns and to be plainly transparent concerning your treatment options. We want to build a relationship with you so that we can work together to reach your smile goals!


Our Orthodontics Treatment is a general view of what we’re capable of. This is a touchstone that we ask all of our patients to go through in order to assess their unique smile structure and oral health. From here, we can go on to customize the dental plan that will improve our patient’s smile. We will go over everything from what is necessary to optional treatments that they might be interested in receiving. Have questions? Not a problem! This is the phase where we encourage our patients to give us all their questions so that we can have open communication and establish a doctor-patient understanding of what goals we want to achieve as well as an estimated timeline.

Early Treatment

How young is too young to start seeing the orthodontist for Early Treatment? According to the American Association of Orthodontists, your child’s initial evaluation can actually take place at the age of 7! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jerome Jarosz or Dr. Rudolfo Valente to find out why it’s necessary for children to come in at such an early age, if you can delay your child’s visit, what preventative measures can be taken to avoid extensive orthodontic work in your child’s future, and what bad habits can be broken by attending Early Treatment sessions!

Adolescent Treatment

If you didn’t seek Early Treatment for your child, it’s not too late! Adolescent Treatment is still a viable and effective option for your teen—your child may just be visiting their Deerfield and Arlington Heights orthodontist for a little while longer, depending on the extent of orthodontic work that they require. Our orthodontic practice also has great options that are ready to fit your teenager’s busy academic or social schedule such as:

  • Traditional Metal Braces
  • Clear Ceramic Braces
  • ClearCorrect Clear Aligners

Adult Treatment

Do you feel like you’ve reached a financial point in your life where you can finally afford an orthodontic treatment, but perhaps your chance has expired due to age? Think again! At Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics, our Adult Treatment option is ready to accept you as a patient. We’ve got the same options available for adults as we do for adolescents. Granted, depending on your age and oral health, you’ll have to be prepared to consult with your orthodontist on what adult braces are best suited for you and how long your dental journey may be, but together, our doctors ensure that we can get you to your best smile!

Types of Braces

The Types of Braces that we house at Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics are available to match your needs and wants. If you want fast results, we suggest going for the Traditional Metal Braces option. Don’t be fooled by the name—these aren’t your grandmother’s braces. Although the design has stayed fairly consistent, steel braces have been adjusted over time for higher comfort and better results, faster. If you’d like to have those same results, but not have your braces stand out as much—try Clear Ceramic Braces! They do the same job with a more subtle look at a slightly higher price point. Can’t stand the hardware? You can also opt to receive the ClearCorrect Clear Aligners. These clear plastic trays are molded to your unique bite and over time will shift your teeth to the smile that you’ve always dreamed to have!


Don’t let all the hard work that both you and Dr. Jarosz or Dr. Valente achieved together go to waste. Keep your teeth from reverting to their original position with Retention Treatment Plan. We offer a variety of types of retainers that will suit your lifestyle and won’t get in the way. Just be sure to commit to wearing them and keep a watchful eye on them. If you are not used to having a removable orthodontic appliance in your mouth (such as ClearCorrect), you won’t be used to inserting and removing them over and over again during the day. This leads to easily misplacing or losing the appliance. Remember! This appliance is costly to replace, so when you’re not wearing it (in accordance with your orthodontist’s orders), you should be placing your appliance in your retainer case!

Orthodontic Elastics

Orthodontic Elastics can also be commonly referred to as rubber bands by either the staff, your doctors, or yourself and other patients. The reason that they are called orthodontic elastics specifically however, is to separate them from the rest of the rubber band categories so the people who are using them know exactly what they’re being used for: your orthodontic treatment. Available in many colors (clear as well if that’s your preference), these orthodontic elastics’ main purpose is to keep your wire fastened between your dental brackets and to use their tension to push/pull teeth into a different place to better align your smile.

Palatal Expanders

Palatal Expanders are a fixed orthodontic appliance that is placed in between your teeth, just beneath the roof of your mouth, that will very slowly expand in order to push your teeth further apart, thus changing the shape and width of your upper jaw. Why is this necessary? This orthodontic treatment is used to correct crossbites, crowding, or impacted teeth. Essentially, you’re making more room for your teeth so they can better and more properly align themselves within your mouth which will improve your overall oral health and smile aesthetic.

Jaw Surgery

Corrective Jaw Surgery is sometimes a key and necessary orthodontic procedure one must elect to have in order to improve their smile and even their health! Abnormalities in jaw structure won’t just affect the look of your smile and your facial structure—this can affect your health by not allowing you to chew, sleep, or even breathe properly. If you feel that you’re suffering from issues in these or other areas because of your jaw or other oral structures, we ask that you immediately seek assistance from your North Illinois orthodontists Drs. Jarosz and Valente to see if corrective jaw surgery is the answer for you.

ClearCorrect Clear Aligners

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Invisalign orthodontic treatment, ClearCorrect Clear Aligners may be the choice for you. These clear plastic aligners are created using a 3D model replica of the inside of your mouth that is uniquely designed for you and specifically created to better the alignment of your teeth. If you’d like to experience this orthodontic treatment in lieu of braces, we ask that you schedule a consultation with your orthodontist to see if you are an appropriate candidate for this dental option. There are times when the state of a patient’s smile is in need of more advanced treatment that only corrective appliances such as braces can offer.

Treat Yourself Today With One of Our Orthodontic Treatments!

Ready to begin your orthodontic journey to a new smile and better health? Schedule your appointment today online or over the phone at either our Arlington Heights Office or Deerfield Office, both situated just north of Chicago, Illinois. We encourage you to come into our practice with your questions. Our wonderful staff is happy to answer any questions, so feel free to schedule your appointment with Dr. Jarosz or Dr. Valente, today!

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