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First Visit

Welcome To Your Arlington Heights Orthodontic Practice! 

Here at Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics, our staff is always excited to meet new patients during their first office visit! As the premier orthodontic practice in Arlington Heights & Deerfield, IL, our highly trained orthodontists and dental team provide all of our patients with the most advanced level of orthodontic care possible in a family-friendly atmosphere, making your first visit to see us a breeze, guaranteed! 
When you visit Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics for the first time, you can feel rest assured that you’ll be receiving the utmost attention to detail and care from our board-certified orthodontists and expert staff. During your first consultation, we will help you get acquainted with the ins and outs of our office, getting to know a little bit about you and your orthodontic needs along the way! We understand that all of our patients’ orthodontic needs are unique, and we promise to give you the individualized care you deserve.

What To Expect During Your First Visit

Your first consultation at Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics is simply an assessment and discussion of your basic orthodontic needs! Dr. Jarosz or Dr. Valente will perform a thorough examination of your face, jaw bones, and teeth. If either one of our orthodontists deem you ready to start orthodontic treatment, a fee schedule and plan for future appointments will be provided, and all of your questions or concerns will be addressed immediately! If your mouth or jaw is not quite ready to receive orthodontic appliances, we will schedule appointments for continued observation in the near future.

The Beginning Of Your Orthodontic Journey In Deerfield

If orthodontic treatment is indicated, your orthodontic records will be obtained by our staff, including any necessary digital x-rays, photographs of your teeth and face, and models of your jaw and teeth. Once your mouth models are completed, they will be mounted on a precise instrument called an articulator to simulate the movement and closure of your jaw in real-time. Additionally, our staff utilizes advanced computer technology to analyze your unique facial structure and tooth-to-jaw relationship. These diagnostic records enable us to confirm and develop the appropriate treatment plan to correct any orthodontic discrepancies you may have!
Once one of our orthodontists carefully study your set of diagnostic records, we will meet with you to discuss their expert diagnosis of your orthodontic problem; providing you with an individualized, detailed treatment plan that has been developed specifically for your mouth and jaw! At Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics, we encourage any questions or concerns from both patients and parents, as our orthodontists will provide you with ample time to answer your questions.

Arlington Heights State-Of-The-Art Braces

Our advanced orthodontic procedures and treatments will help you achieve a beautiful smile, and fast! Whether you’re interested in ClearCorrect clear braces, or you plan to opt for traditional metal braces, Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics is committed to providing you with the best orthodontic appliances possible. 
Our orthodontic treatments include:

  • Early Treatment 
  • Phase II and Adolescent Treatment
  • Adult Treatment
  • ClearCorrect
  • Types of Braces
  • Retention
  • Contact Your Professional Orthodontists In Deerfield & Arlington Heights, IL Today!

    With years of in-depth experience using cutting-edge orthodontic technology, our dental team at Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics in Deerfield & Arlington Heights, IL will provide you and your family with the best treatments possible! Offering a wide array of orthodontic treatments and procedures for people of all ages, we promise that we can confidently diagnose your dental needs and find an accurate solution right away. Whether your child needs traditional metal braces, or you are interested in ClearCorrect clear braces, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Additionally, you can schedule an appointment with our easy-to-use digital appointment request form. From all of us at Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics, we can’t wait to help you achieve the smile you deserve!

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