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Emergency situations are always anxiety-producing and potentially problematic. In the case of orthodontic emergencies, this is no less true. Such emergencies don't occur as often as kitchen accidents or slip-and-fall accidents, but orthodontic emergencies can change the outcome of your oral treatment.

Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics offer emergency hours to their patients, a plus for anyone that thinks they may need such services. To help patients determine what is an orthodontic emergency, specific situations are categorized and described in full.

Loose Brackets or Swallowed Brackets

Brackets can come loose, and they can accidentally be swallowed! This usually happens when a bracket has started to loosen up from the adhesive used to apply the bracket and then falls off while chewing. In most instances, swallowing a bracket isn't particularly worrisome. Your digestive system will work it out.

If a bracket is just loose and feels like it's moving about or shifting on the wire, there's time to fix it. Come into the office and see your orthodontist in Arlington Heights and Deerfield to repair it.

Loose Wires and Wire Irritations

Orthodontic wires terminate in the end brackets on the last back teeth in a patient's mouth. The brackets used on these teeth are not like the other brackets because they are designed to hold onto the ends of the wires. However, the wires can occasionally pop out of these brackets.

When that happens, the wires come loose all the way around the affected jaw. The braces cannot effectively do what they are supposed to do until the wire is repaired and reinserted through all the brackets and secured in the back. If you can feel the loose wire in your mouth, try not to remove it and get to Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics right away.

If a wire is just really irritating or poking you, use orthodontic wax to provide some relief. The wax can be balled up and pressed around the area of wire that is creating a problem. Your orthodontist in Arlington Heights and Deerfield may also recommend a numbing agent you can apply with a cotton swab.

Sore Teeth

Sore teeth really aren't an emergency unless there's something else out of the ordinary occurring at the same time. Your mouth will initially be uncomfortable for up to one week after first getting braces. You can take an over-the-counter pain reliever to help the first week.

If your teeth feel loose, there's blood, or a tooth becomes badly chipped, you will need to visit your orthodontist right away. While it's unlikely that these situations are related to your braces, they still need to be addressed to avoid complications with your braces.

Missing Separators or Rubber Bands

Separators and rubber bands are very similar. They both look like tiny rubber bands but have different uses. The separators are placed between teeth while the bands are used around brackets and to loop upper to lower brackets. Both are very easy to replace. It's important that you replace them as soon as possible after noticing they're missing.

Contact Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics for All Your Emergencies!
No matter what the situation is with your braces, Dr. Jarosz and Dr. Valente can help. Contact them anytime you have an orthodontic emergency.

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