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Why Summertime Is the Perfect Time to Start Braces

Why Summertime Is the Perfect Time to Start Braces
Posted on 07/19/2019
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At Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics, our mission is to help patients throughout Arlington Heights, Deerfield, and the surrounding areas achieve beautiful, healthy new smiles through comprehensive orthodontic treatment. While we treat patients of all ages at our office, the majority of our patients are teenagers – and if you or your child are getting ready to start orthodontic treatment for the first time, summer offers the perfect opportunity. Wondering why? Here are just a few reasons why summer is the ideal time to start with braces.

Starting Braces During the Summer

Thinking about starting your braces during the summertime? You've actually picked the perfect time to do it. Here are some top reasons that make summer the best time to get started with orthodontic braces:

  • Easy to Adjust: Without the routine, pressure, and busyness of school, it's much easier to adjust to life with braces. You'll have extra time to get used to the new demands of oral hygiene, diet, and caring for your braces thanks to the freedom of summer.
  • More Flexible Schedule: Check-up appointments are a crucial part of the orthodontic treatment process, and that's especially true early on in treatment. By starting during summer, you'll have a much more flexible schedule to plan appointments, making the process easier.
  • Dietary Control: You'll need to avoid certain foods while wearing braces, and that may be difficult in a school cafeteria. Starting during the summer allows you to have full control over your diet and get used to the dietary restrictions of braces before heading back to the school year.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Arlington Heights, IL Orthodontists

Truly, summer is the idea time to begin orthodontic treatment with braces – and if you're ready to see how braces can improve your smile and your life, the orthodontists at Jarosz & Valente Orthodontics would love to help. Don't wait: take the first step towards a beautiful new smile by scheduling an orthodontic consultation online today. We can't wait to hear from you, and we look forward to helping you achieve your dream smile!

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